I am so happy to offer yoga with MamaLove - Boulder's prenatal + postnatal yoga, movement, and mindfulness specialists.  Please join me for BYOBaby Yoga every Wednesday noon-1pm in the Birth Center of Boulder classroom. (Mama need not give birth at BCB to attend yoga!) Each week we gather and move mindfully while also taking care of babies (pre-crawlers please!) and rediscovering our parenting bodies. Register ahead for one class or many classes.

Pre-registration is required. 

BYOBaby Yoga : a special yoga class designed specifically for mamas and babies

BYOBaby Yoga: a special yoga class designed specifically for mamas and babies

BYOBaby Yoga is a safe haven for all things new motherhood-  joy, sadness, trusting, doubting, resourced, depleted, you name it - it's warmly welcomed and supported. The heart and soul of our mom + baby yoga practice are both the new mama’s physical and emotional changes, and the new baby’s needs. Practicing yoga as a new mama nourishes the body, mobilizes stiff muscles, and brings calm to the tumultuous waves of emotions that come with new motherhood. Add community, kindness, humor, and the love we create by practicing together, and BYOBaby yoga quickly becomes a critical part of new mama wellness.

 Prenatal Yoga is an unmatched modality to support and maintain mama and baby's physical, mental and emotional vitality and wellbeing through pregnancy. Classes are open to women in all trimesters, and meet all levels of students from first timers to advanced practitioners. A calming environment provides space to move, breathe and connect to your innate wisdom and growing baby. Faith is currently not teaching prenatal yoga but highly recommends the MamaLove Prenatal classes! 

Thanks so much for all your wonderful work with us while I was pregnant and since Callum’s birth; it was such a special, sweet part of my experience of becoming a mama!
Namaste 🙏🏽
— Aimee (mama of Callum)
First of all, I want to thank you for all of the kindness, support, and love that you surrounded so many mamas and babies with, including Jane and myself, for so long. I only looked into attending classes that you taught, as I enjoyed you so very much. There is something about your presence, that makes me feel calm, relaxed, and supported. I also love how you are so sweet to all of the little ones and always willing to help out with them if they aren’t quite having it, on any given day. :)
Again, thank you for all of your wonderful classes, incredible advice, calm demeanor, and welcoming smile, each time we came to yoga.
— Molly (mama to Jane)