In these one hour sessions parents/caregivers learn the basics of healthy infant massage and a daily 5 - 15 minute routine to enjoy with your baby - a wonderful way for any parent or caregiver to bond whether you spend all day together or want to give bonding an after work boost. This is not a baby bodywork session, but rather a session for you to learn massage techniques you can enjoy with your baby every day as they grow. Appropriate for babies ages 3 weeks and older. 

In Home: $85  In Office: $65   

 Includes oil and an infant massage workbook PDF.  Bring a friend and their baby and split the cost!

How does massage benefit your baby?

enhances the baby-parent/caregiver bond

contributes to proper brain development by enhancing sensory and motor development

enhances infant immune system

increases sleep periods and decreases fussy periods

improves movement of the gastrointestinal system (helps with gassy bellies!)

strengthens caregiver intuition and communication with infant